Founded in 2011, Legacy Dance
Company hails from Chicago.

The teams are comprised of 3 Bachata teams: Pro, Semi-Pro, and Student, which have become known for their challenging and innovative choreography. Legacy has recently added a Mambo team to their family.


We are Dancers.

Directed by Rey Sanchez and Amy Tsai, the teams meet weekly to practice technique, musicality, timing, and partnerwork. Each team has their own piece to study; working through the details, styling, and tricks. All routines are original choreography created by Rey and Amy.


We are Family.

Composed of over 50 dancers, we come from all walks of life, various careers, different backgrounds, and age spans, coming together for the common love of dance and music. We dance together, travel together, and laugh together.


Pro Team

Semi-Pro Team

Student Team

Legacy Student Team - 2015 Bachata Kizomba Festival



 DC Bachata Congress

Salsa & Mambo Festival (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)

Chicago Salsa & Bachata Festival

Chicago International Salsa Congress


past events:


Punta Cana Salsa & Bachata Festival

  Orlando Salsa Congress

Chicago Salsa and Bachata Festival



Orlando Salsa Congress

Dominican Republic Touch Island Festival    
Puerto Vallarta Salsa Mambo Fest    
Pro  |  Semi-Pro  |  Student
Chicago Salsa Bachata Festival    
Pro  |  Semi-Pro  |  Student


LA Bachata Kizomba Festival
Pro  |  Semi-Pro  |  Student
Orlando Salsa Congress
Pro  |  Student
Salsa Mambo Fest    
Pro  |  Semi-Pro  |  Student
Chicago Salsa Bachata Festival    
Pro  |  Semi-Pro  |  Student
Chicago International Salsa Congress
Pro  |  Semi-Pro  |  Student 1  Student 2


Interested in joining
our dance family?

Auditions are April 8th 2018 at 10am!
Check out the event for more info:

I love the experience of being on a team. Rey and Amy challenge you by giving you beautifully choreographed pieces which stretch your abilities as a dancer. Also you get to meet and build friendships with people from all walks of life.
— Jenny Lu, Legacy Semi-Pro Team
Since joining the team, I have performed at national and international congresses, and I’ve added once improbable moments to my own legacy along the way.
— Brian Prusko, Legacy Student Team