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Summary: Here is the Legacy Student Portal that will be a central repository for everything related to classes and improving as a Latin Dancer!


Student Page Contents

  1. General Class Policy
  2. Class Make up Form
  3. Class Fill in Form
  4. Active Classes
  5. Recommended Music
  6. Recommended Socials/Events
  7. Recommended Videos
  8. Legacy Dance Association Social Media Pages

General Class Policy

  • Each class includes 4 sessions, meeting 1 hour every week, no Partners or Experience needed
  • Wear something comfortable and athletic, you will be moving around and please arrive on time to respect the time of everyone in the class

Class Makeup Form

Policy: If you are an active student you are welcome to make up classes if you missed a class for a particular session. Please fill out the form below.


Fill In Form

Policy: If you are an active student you will be offered the chance to fill in classes for free (whenever there is an imbalance of leads and follows) please check your email for availability and fill out Fill in form below if you are interested!


Active Classes

These are our active classes- COMING SOON


Recommended Music

Understanding the music is one of the quickest ways to become a skillful dancer. As someone wise once said "Your first partner is the music." We have made several playlists for our students to develop a stronger sense of the music, learn the subtle differences between sub-styles, but mostly to enjoy! 

All of this music is on Spotify!



Recommended Socials/Events


  • Alhambra Palace 8pm-1am (Every Week)- this event has a great mix of Salsa and Bachata, plenty of beginners, and is in an excellent space. There is a free lesson at 9pm


  • Lalo's on Maxwell 9pm-1:30am (Every Week)- this is a heavily Bachata focused event and is in a bar. There is a lesson at 9pm taught by our lead instructor Rey
  • Promotory 8pm-11:30pm (Monthly)- this is a mixed Salsa and Bachata event, there is a very large space. This event is in Hyde Park


  • Patrons 8pm-1:30am (Every Week)- this a heavily Bachata focused event and is in a bar. There is a dance floor and a bar area


  • Studio Socials, changes every week but some popular places are Legacy Dance Association, Latin Rhythms, Mambo Cafe, Dance Center. We recommend following salsa groups on social media to hear about these events.
  • Adobe Gillas 9pm-3:00am (Every Week)- this is a mixed Salsa and Bachata event. 


  • Mambo Revival 8pm-11pm (Occasionally)- This is a Mambo (on2) focused event, we judge it as the best Mambo focused event in the city

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