Recurring Rentals

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Note: Thank you for choosing a recurring rental, you can cancel or change your plan at any time, the link to your plan is at the bottom of this page!


Renter Agreement:

1. Renter agrees to use the space solely for the purpose communicated clearly in correspondence. No tickets can be sold at the door but tickets can be sold before the day of the event.

2. Dates. The days/times covered by this agreement are clearly defined in the correspondence. The renter will receive 30 minutes before the event to set up and 30 minutes after the event to clean up, any other time where the space is used will incur additional charges proportional to the hourly rate.

3. Water and supplies, renter is permitted to access to water supplies. The space will provide bathroom supplies, cleaning supplies and general trash bags for renters use. Any other supplies or amenities must be provided by renter.

4. Signage/Displays, renter is granted permission to post sign on the entrance door during the period of this agreement. Renter is also allowed to cover the mirrors in the studio without damaging walls or wall paint. As well as moving/rearranging the studio as needed as long as everything is put back in the original place with the completion of the event.

5. Basic A/V. Access and use of the sound system is included in the fees outlined in this agreement. The basic A/V equipment includes one speaker in the front and back room. Additional A/V equipment can be rented for an additional cost. All A/V equipment must be returned in the exact condition it was prior to the engagement. Renter is responsible for any damage, functional or cosmetic, to the A/V equipment. Renter will be charged for parts and labor for repair and or replacement of equipment.

6. Studio Condition. Studio refers to the entire premise, include of, but not limited to, both dance studios, entrance are and bathrooms. Renter shall also be responsible for leaving the premises in a clean condition, being the same condition that it was prior to usage. All furniture must be returned to its original place. The floors must be at minimum swept, garbage collected, and debris removed from the floors.

7. You are also welcome to elect the No Cleaning Option ($80) before your event and you will not be required to clean. If you do not elect that option and leave the studio dirty, we will charge the normal hourly rate in overtime for time used to clean the space.

8. Renter is allowed to use all 50 chairs, 6 benches, and 3 tables that the studio provides which is included.

9. Renter is allowed to bring food, water and alcoholic beverages as long as there is no charge to the renters’ guest. The renter is also allowed to bring items to keep food heated.

 10. A 50% deposit is required to reserve the date and time. This deposit is entirely refundable up until 2 weeks prior to the event, if you cancel the event within two weeks of the scheduled event date your deposit is forfeited. 



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