We offer Latin dance instruction in a progressive curriculum so you are always learning something new. 

Classes include Salsa, Mambo, Bachata, Cha Cha, Cumbia, and Kizomba and span a variety of levels from basic to advanced to offer learnings unique to your needs and progression as a dancer. 


Basic Info:

  • Each class includes 4 sessions, meeting 1 hour every week
  • No Partners or Experience needed
  • Wear something comfortable and athletic, you will be moving around
  • For more detailed description of classes see below


Pricing and Payment: 

  • $60 per 4 week session, $20 drop in class  
  • New students get 50% off their first month of classes
  • Returning students get 25% off when they sign up before the new class session starts  
  • We prefer payment online (helps with class planning) but you may also pay in the studio
  • You may sign up online (class schedule here) or at the studio!


Studio Info:

  • Classes are located at our studio space, 3215 W. Division St. Chicago, IL. 
    • Plenty of free street parking along the park
  • Please check in at the front desk when you arrive, additional studio info here: Studio Info


Class Make-up Policy:

  • If you miss any classes you are welcome to make them up at any time during the current session. They can be applied to any classes at or below the class level. Please email Classmakeup@Legacydanceassociation.com if you would like to make-up a class


Class Fill-in Policy:

  • Occasionally we offer the opportunity to fill in a class where the lead follow ratio doesn't mach up. Fill in classes are free for current students and the class level must be at or below your current class level. Be on the lookout for fill in opportunities sent via social media or email!

Legacy Full Class Calendar

This calendar notes future and pass class sessions. Not all exact classes, instructors, and times are accurate for the year but we will adhere to the Class Sessions


Class Level Descriptions

Below is a general guideline of what you can expect to learn in your classes across all dance styles. 
Specific combinations may vary from instructor to instructor and across dance styles.
If you're not sure what level you should start with, contact us to schedule an evaluation.


Current Class Style Offering: Bachata, Mambo(on2), Salsa(on1), Cumbia, Cha-Cha, and Specialty (ie. Learn to Choreograph, Hip Hop)


Basic 1&2

Basic 1*

  • Basic step
  • Basic turn
  • Lead's vs. follow's timing
  • Fundamentals of lead/follow communication
  • Open position & closed position

Basic 2*

  • Crossbody lead 
  • Broken left turn 
  • Crossobody walkthrough turn

*All levels cover timing, tension, and lead/follow connection



Basic 3*

  • Crossbody inside turn
  • Crossbody outside turn

Basic 4*

  • Backbreaks
  • In-and-out
  • Simultaneous turns (leads & follows turn at the same time)

*All levels cover timing, tension, and lead/follow connection


Intermediate 1&2*


Intermediate classes continue to build in your repertoire from Basic 1-4, as well as adding a lot more complex moves such as:

  • 360s
  • Faceaways
  • Preps/double spins
  • Redirects
  • Hand tosses

*All levels cover timing, tension, and lead/follow connection



It's no holds barred in our advanced classes. Combinations may include:

  • Multiple spins
  • Body rolls
  • Footwork
  • Mens & ladies styling tips

*All levels cover timing, tension, and lead/follow connection


specialty classes

Speciality classes are designed to improve one specific area of your dancing. Examples include:

  • Footwork
  • Body movement & isolations
  • Spin technique
  • Ladies styling
  • Salsa to mambo